Smart Knee Protection

We recommend that all stages I and II and certain stage III patients undertake conservative treatment under medical supervision for at least three months. The patients and their families must completely undersand the reasoning behind the conservative treatment in order for it to be successful.

We first emphasize that medial abrasion phenomenon is an important cause for osteoarthitis. Then we review the daily routine of a patient so we may discuss how, if anything, to modify his or her routine at home, on the job, or during workouts so as to minimize abrasion in his or her knee. In principle, movements that require repeated bending of the knee are harmful to the knee.

Table I is compiled based on this principle, Therefore, if your activity is not on this list, y.ou can apply this principle to judge if it is knee friendly.

To avoid exerting shearing force harmful to cartilage regeneration, a recuperating patient should avoid repeatedly bending their knees more than 50 degrees. Therefore, sufferers of OA knees may engage in activities such as walking, jogging, golfing, and swimming freestyle or butterfly strokes. But they are advised to refrain from knee-damaging activities such as climbing up or down stairs, mountain climbing, squatting (such as gardening), bicycling, and swimming breaststroke.

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