Smart knee supports and braces

Smart Brace


Post-operative rehabilitation is an important part of recovery for patients who have undergone the ACRFP (arthroscopic cartilage regeneration facilitating procedure). However, everyday movements are a great burden to the recuperating knees, adversely affecting the effectiveness of the KHPO treatments.

Knee braces are the most common tool for knee protection. But a simple brace will not be enough to protect the knee. You need smart braces that measures and monitors the extent in degrees of your knee bends.


The functions of smart knee braces

Our research has identified a major risk factor for knee injuries: the degree of knee bends. Therefore our smart knee braces, in addition to providing support and protection, offers the following capabilities:

(1) Record knee bending in degrees. Knee bends are put into three categories: 0-30, 30-50, and >50 degrees. The records are analyzed for indications of harmful knee bending.

(2) Record the speed of knee bending. With this information, the wearer of the brace become aware of whether he bends his knees too fast.



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