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At-home rehabilitation system

At-home rehabilitation for the knee is an important part of post-operative recovery regimen, but it can be a tideous exercise to repeatedly do the same movements. The at-home rehabilitation system by PAPAMAMA System, through games, adds fun and motivation to the rehabilitation drills. The system also enables the patient and the medical care providers can enjoy online access to data on the cloud to monitor the patient's progress.

Post-operative rehabilitation

After receiving the ACRFP, it is very important that the patient should do three rehabilitation exercises: (1) leg raise to strengthen the quadriceps, and (2) press knee, and (3) knee hug to stretch out, improve flexibility, and restore function. They also help with future repair of soft tissues and the regeneration of cartilage. Please refer to the answer to the question, “How do I care for myself after receiving the ACRFP (arthroscopic cartilage regeneration facilitating procedure)?” in the Q&A section.

The importance of an at-home rehabilitation system

(1)To elevate the quality and fun of the rehabilitation regimen

Muscle strength and stretching exercises will deliver results only after they have been repeated a large number of times, typically over a long period of time. This process can be quite tidious and boring, and patients can easily loses interest and motivation in staying with the rehabilitation program. Motivation is of critical importance in the success of a rehabilitation program.
Therefore, it is advisable for patients to use this at-home rehabilitation system to help them, through game playing, easily perform all their rehabilitation exercises and have fun doing it.

(2)To make the progress of the rehabilitation regimen available to both patients and medical care providers

Two other reasons also often cause patients to fail to do their rehabilitation exercises: They forgot or they got tied up with other things. Whatever the reason, non-compliance is non-compliance, and it diminishes the effectiveness of the rehabilitation program.

After a patient at home has done the number of repetitions that a medical care professional has set up in this at-home rehabilitation system, the data is saved. The patient can view his or her rehabilitation record in the system to review his or her compliance with the prescribed program and see how he or she stacks up against other patients in friendly contest. Care professionals can remotely monitor the patient's progress and compliance, and they can make necessary adjustments to the patient's program.

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PAPAMAMA System is devoted to creating a better rehabilitation environment. It offers a virtual reality game for doing rehabilitation exercises.Developed with the participation of medical care personnel, this game can help rehabilitation patients at hospitals or institutons do their rehabilitation exercises effectively and with fun. The cloud-based platform provides medical care progessionals with records of rehabilitation exercises that patients have actually performed, in hard numbers.

Even if the patients are at home, they can also do the training games that medical professionals have set up. Consequently, they no longer need to wait till they are in the hospital to do their rehabilitation exercises. They no longer need to endure the trials of traveling to the hospital just to do their rehabilitation. This may lead patients to exercise more and hence improve the effectiveness of their rehabilitation regimens.

PAPAMAMA System counts among its current users many medical centers, rehabilitation centers, academic organizations, and governments, including the health service center of Datung District, Taipei and Nantou County Government. See PAPAMAMA System official website for more current users.

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