Comprehensive KHPO treatment process

Based on our research in the medial abrasion syndrome and our expericnce in performing the ACRFP (arthroscopic cartilage regeneration facilitating procedure), we inaugurated the comprehensive Knee Health Promotion Option, KHPO, in 2007. Physicians in orthopaedics, family medicine, rheumatology, rehabilitation and their nurses are welcome to join us to provide care to sufferers of knee OA.

Unlike the well-known traditional treatments, the KHPO places its emphasis on:

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Report card for the Knee Health Promotion Option

Overall, 88.4 percent of our patients have been satisfied with the KHPO

Most patients in the KHPO program keep their appointments for post-operative follow-up visits to our center. We recently completed a three-year follow-up study. Of the 331 patients that we first treated between April and October of 2010, 303 (92 percent follow-up rate) completed the three-year follow-up. The efficacy of KHPO for these patients is shown in the diagram below.


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