About Us

About Us

The International Knee Health Promotion Center at Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital-- More han medical income generation, we have also delivered professional medical value. 

In 1995, Dr. Lyu Shaw-Ruey caught a glimpse of the hidden lesion in the knee. That chance encounter has led him and his team to explore medial plica and the role it plays in osteoarthritis of the knee (knee OA). They have identified medial abrasion phenomenon as cause of knee OA. With this knowledge, Dr. Lyu has developed programs for the prevention, treatment, and research of knee OA. These programs are collectively referred to as the Knee Health Promotion Option (KHPO). This breakthrough, novel medical technique has won the satisfaction of 94.1% of the people who received this treatment. It saves large amounts of medical costs, and orthopaedic surgeons from abroad have come to learn it.

The features and services of the International Knee Health Promotion Center

  • Our original treatment protocol -Knee Health Promotion Option (KHPO)
  • We have established Tzu Chi Knee Health Promotion Center to share the successful experience with the KHPO. Furthermore, this model has been replicated at hospitals both Taiwan and abroad.
  • Dr. Lyu has published or in the process of publishing popular science books or picture books in Chinese and English to spread the word on KHPO to people of all ages.

◆The holistic and comprehensive medical care for patients of osteoarthritis of the knee

  • Stages I - II: Smart knee health protection. No need to take medicine or injections.
  • Stages II - III: Treated with Arthroscopic Cartilage Regeneration Facilitating Procedure, the damaged cartilage has an 80% chance of regrowth.
  • Stages IV - V: Minimally invasive knee arthroplasty and precision knee replacement surgeries have earned the satisfaction of nearly 100% of its patients..

◆ Results and sustainable developments

  • Receiving recognition in Joint Commission of Taiwan, KHPO has become one of the specialty medical techniques or advances that the nation will push for international propagation or adaptation.
  • We offer reproducible modules for the promotion of knee health to the international marketplace.
  • We have collaborated with National Chung Cheng University Advanced Gerontological Expertise Institute to train talent to promote knee health.