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About Us

Knee osteoarthritis, one of the most common types of arthritis of the knee, is a main cause of not only knee pain but also loss of mobility among older people. This disease causes pain, swelling, or even structural damage all of which lead to abnormal gait, altered and restrictive daily routine, and, towards the end of the disease's progression, the loss of mobility.

The medical care industry has persistently invested heavily in the study of knee osteoarthritis for several decades, but still it has yet to positively identify the cause of the so-called “degenerative” knee osteoarthritis. Through these decades, practitioners or researchers have developed a myriad of therapies that at best soothe the symptoms while unable to do anything to eradicate the cause.

On the strength of our extensive multidisciplinary research and with more than a decade of clinical practice, we at the Joint Center have discovered that the prolonged rubbing between medial plica and the opposite medial condyle of femural could cause the “medial abrasion phenomenon”. This phenomenon is not just an important cause of knee degeneration, it can also account for many clinical symptoms and risk factors of knee osteoarthritis.

This experience has led us to devise a comprehensive treatment protocol for knee osteoarthritis and recurring knee pain of unknown cause.

Our clinical follow-ups and research over long periods of time have shown that multitudes of patients treated under our protocol, called Knee Health Promotion Option, have been satisfied with the treatment. In addition to such subjective feedback from patients, the X-rays of their knees also have shown, objectively, that the cartilage in their knees have grown and hence their joint space has widened. This is a proof that when the existing catabolic factors in the knee joint have been thoroughly removed—which the KHPO does—the anabolic factors begin to take the lead in repairing the damaged knee.

The Joint Center has treated about 10,000 knee osteoarthritis patients over the years using the Knee Health Promotion Option. Therefore, KHPO has rekindled hopes in suffers of knee osteoarthritis inside and outside Taiwan. Tzu Chi Knee Health Promotion Center was established in 2013. This model has been successfully replicated internationally.

Based on the successful experience with the Knee Health Promotion Option that the Joint Center at Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital has had since it started using the KHPO in 2000, the Joint Center has joined forces with four biotech companies in Taiwan to jointly develop a comprehensive knee osteoarthitis care program that includes medical, auxiliary, and peripheral services and products. The goal of this collaboration is to create a standardized kit of services and products for the comprehensive care of knee health. We strive for the kit to provide “head-to-toe, end-to-end” care for the entire family. We strive to make the kit easy to replicate so it can be reproduced and exported for the wellbeing of knee pain sufferers around the world.